Prisoner Birthdays

Calendar last updated: November 17 2020
Site last updated: November 17 2020


Sending a card (or postcard or letter) for a birthday is a great introduction to prisoner support and solidarity. This page and calendar are simple tools to get you started.

The calendar is mainly radical prisoners, however I'd like to expand to other prisoners who could use our support (e.g. domestic violence victims).

The calendar is of prisoners who speak/understand English or are assumed to. Please be aware of this when writing to international prisoners. Everyone on this list was found on an English-language webpage somewhere. Websites for prisoners are included, however when I couldn't find a website, or one didn't really exist, I used their Prisoner Solidarity page.

Lastly, the calendar is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but I do my best to add everyone I can. It will be routinely updated around the end/beginning of each month.

Any questions, additions, updates, or removals can be sent to: admin[at]